Online Reputation Management & Bouncing Back From Failure

The internet is powerful, so powerful that it can destroy a business’s reputation in seconds. Business owners fear the power of the internet, and are always on the lookout to remedy potential disasters. A positive online reputation is built over time, and it takes a lot of hard work as well as good service to become well known as a trusted business.

It can take one upset customer, or a major mistake that gets public attention, to completely turn the tides and change a business’s online reputation from positive to negative in the blink of an eye. We’ve compiled a list of reputation management fails, and these are exactly the mistakes we are talking about that grabs (the wrong kind of) attention. 

Sometimes it isn’t a reputation management #fail that blows up online, maybe it’s a customer who’s determined to take your business down after a bad experience. No matter how well a company treats their customers, there will always be customers who are not satisfied. Of these few, there will likely be someone along the way that is dead set on breaking walls and ruining the online reputation of a business.

We’ve literally seen it all; recently we saw a business who was attacked with social posts that gathered thousands of shares to criticize this small business, hundreds of negative online reviews and even website hostings that criticized their small business (oh and that was only one upset customer).

If a business is under siege, or they fear the day that a negative consumer experience might turn into the internet apocalypse, don’t worry, we will help. This post is designed to walk you through the process of online reputation management in the midst of panic and fear from negative exposure online.

Business owners, take notes, because no business wants to see their name tarnished online right before their eyes. Take a deep breath and use our suggestions.

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